Office Fit-Outs

We provide impeccable interior revamping for office locations specifically suited to the industry you operate in. By choosing the right color palette to buying contemporary furniture, we make your professional space the place to be! Rest assured, our fit-outs are bound to skyrocket employee productivity, build curb appeal and redefine your brand image in ways like never before.

Hospitality Fit-outs

Not getting enough customers through the door? Chances are that your hotel or restaurant doesn’t look visually appealing. At Sidor Group, our personalized hospitality fit-outs are just what you need to boost your bottom line. We understand the importance of ambiance which is why our experts install aesthetic fixtures, change your furniture, work on the right lighting, and do a whole lot more to help your business seem more welcoming.


Not happy with your old building? Instead of finding a new commercial space, save your money and let us transform the building. Our jaw-dropping refurbishment solutions have never failed to pleasantly surprise our customers. Verily, we renovate and restructure different parts of an area so that it looks ten times better than before. You can hire our services to attract more customers, empower your workforce, increase interior functionalities, and much more.

Facility Management

Our seamless facility management solutions offer an unmatched assortment of technologies and expert capabilities that ensure the safety and maintenance of your building. We provide a long list of solutions that ensure that everything at your facility is professionally managed and supervised. From security and events catering to cleaning and welfare facilities, we’ve got you covered through it all.


Whether you hire the services of an office Fit Out Contractor or a Facility Management Contractor, maintenance is necessary. All the work and effort for initial development must be maintained for greater longevity. We offer technical and functional service aspects whereby our specialists run structural tests, update infrastructure, install new technologies, provide necessary repairs, and more. Sidor Group strives to enhance the performance of your utilities through our tried and tested methods.

Minor Works

Looking for a company to handle your small construction project? With our minor works service, you benefit from a zero-hassle framework free from redundancies and errors. We rely on your instructions throughout the process, focus on primary goals and work according to a preset schedule so that your project is completed perfectly and on time. Our experts also take care of the associated paperwork in case your project is ordained by a body of authority.

De-Fit & Make Good

Do you need professionals for a thorough De-Fit & Make Good service now that your lease is about to end? For many tenants, evacuating a space once the contract ends isn’t just about taking all the stuff out. You are required to leave the leased space according to the requirements laid out. This can range from basic paint jobs to hefty installations. At Sidor Group, we provide reliable De-Fit & Make Good services that impress the landlord.

Project Management

Managing a project from start to finish is no easy feat. Needless to say, expert assistance can make all the difference. With Sidor Group specialists in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands. We understand that you need a reliable team to look over all the aspects which is why we always deliver accordingly. Through our industry-leading project management service, you can achieve your goals while sticking to all time and budget limitations laid out.

Interior Design

Sidor Group provides state-of-the-art interior design solutions that are better than what you see on Pinterest. After all, there’s nothing worse than a boring commercial space that people feel suffocated in. So, when you hire our specialists, we spice things up and pull the lever on all aesthetics. Our creative experts redesign the indoors by utilizing the latest technologies and taking inspiration from modern trends.


Rely on our amazing staff to take over the constriction of your building. At Sidor Group, we provide industry-leading construction services for both small and large-scale projects. Creating a commercial space requires much more than just brick and mortar. This is why we leverage our expertise to deploy the necessary resources that yield desired results.


We provide specialist fit-out services for gyms and other fitness centers. You need creative professionals to exercise their vision for a contemporary environment where people feel comfortable. Thus, we offer an end-to-end fit-out that completes your commercial space with the right setups, equipment, and supportive infrastructure.


Did you know that customers are significantly less likely to buy when the retail atmosphere is not pleasing? Your goal is to maximize your sales but that’s not going to happen unless your commercial space is appreciated by everyone who walks in it. When you hire our specialists for retail services, we provide an end-to-end fit-out that transforms everything from top to bottom. With the right aesthetic enriched with hanging areas, try rooms, displays, and shelves, we boost your brand’s on-site appeal.


A hospital or clinic isn’t just about hiring the right doctors or nurses. You need to create an environment where patients feel comfortable. To top it off, having the latest testing equipment and monitoring technologies are equally important. At Sidor Group, we offer a full-scale fit-out that streamlines facility design and enhances technical functionalities within your space.